Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye to my fixed sleeping schedule, which lasted for about a month and a half. Once again my insomnia strikes back with a vengeance. I can't sleep. I laid in bed for 4 hours tossing and turning with thoughts flying by at a million miles per hour. I finally just got out of bed at at 5am and made myself some coffee, only to realize I don't have milk or sugar in my room. so I'm drinking (what was once hot) Vietnamese coffee....BLACK. Yea. It burns like hell. It tastes like I'm downing some pretty gross cough medicine. Blech...

So I figured out reasons for my glitchy website, (thank you Shannon). I went back and fixed it..(partially) and now I'm going to have to go crawling back to her to ask her about style sheets, because that would be awesome.
If you're interested check out my sad little space that I call my website (for the time being...)

I've been listening to Mozart all day (would this be my reasoning for insomnia...? yes/no?) and it makes me want to work. Specifically his Requiem Mass. I'm in LOVE with it! Been playing it on repeat for some time now. And after listening to his stuff for quite some time, I think I want to have the word requiem for my thesis title..? It's a nice word.

req·ui·em (rěk'wē-əm, rē'kwē-) n.
  1. Requiem Roman Catholic Church
    1. A mass for a deceased person.
    2. A musical composition for such a mass.
  2. A hymn, composition, or service for the dead.
I want my film to be visually AND musically driven. So maybe if I can speak to my musician/composer, i'll ask them to write a requiem, which would be really nice. Ah, i'm still unsure.
((((side note to myself: 진혼곡)))))

hope I didn't lose anyone in my rambling...<3>


Ally said...

Your website is so simple and cute! I really don't like it when artists have a really intense website, yours is great.

eric hosford said...

hey sandy! thank you! cant wait to see your animations on here!