Monday, September 19, 2011

art dump

here's some illustrations i've been working on.
you can check out some of my inspirations, thoughs, work in progress/illustrations, and other art related posts on my tumblr.


my tattoo design that i'm planning on getting this winter.


Monday, June 20, 2011


so i'm back from the dead, not really...sort of.
have been keeping busy

i'm currently working at a game studio called FunGoPlay and it's been the most fun and enjoyable place i've ever been in...EVER! i love it there!
we just launched beta on our virtual world last week on the 15th and it's been going pretty well.

i'm there helping create assets for in world, GUI designs, and some animation.
the commercial that i helped work for went on air last week
it's been airing on cartoon network, disney XD, and...a few other channels...cant think of them on the top of my head..
but here's the commercial!!

i'll be posting more work i've been doing the last several months i've been MIA.