Sunday, July 11, 2010

illustration dump

just thought i'd post somethings i've been working on.
been getting artist tables at a lot of conventions to make so extra cash and things have been okay. been getting tons of commissions at the convention but a bit slow elsewhere.
i was working at a children's toy and book company called scribbletown but left the job in may to pursue my career since managing, accounting, and package design wasn't really what i was looking for. thought i had a job with this independent studio but that fell through. no i'm looking towards the game industry and hoping to hear back a from a few places soon.
been trying to work on a new film but thats been looking hard to follow through. hoping i can come up with an idea that actually sticks. :<
this was a practice illustrtion done with copic markers and prisma pens. wanted to draw this so i can practice using markers since i've never really used it before.

digital sketch done for pixcell studios for one of their game characters.

a commission of toothless from How to Train your Dragon done with india ink and watercolor

painting done for my friend. watercolor and gouache

mucha inspired commission of someones original characters. done in pencil

portraits of my my world of warcraft characters. done with india ink and watercolors

will be posting more illustration work in the future :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I AM alive! i just haven't posted anything. Do any of you even read this shit??
so i've been doing an anime convention circuit. i know i know some of you guys maybe rolling your eyes, but it has definitely been keeping me busy as far as drawing and getting artsy. (also the commission and cash flowing in is pretty nice ;D)
so i've been selling cell phone charms, bookmarks, postcards, prints, stickers, etc etc. i'm going to move on to totebags and customized jewelery boxes in the summer. I've been working on cell phone charms (which btw have been going like candy during halloween)

here's some world of warcraft faction leader charms (yea i'm a WoW gamer go sue me)

Sylvanas Windrunner - undead faction leader

Cairne Bloodhoof - Tauren faction leader

Tyrande Whisperwind - Night Elf faction leader

here's some samples of the cell phone charms :) made with shrinky dinks. (yes those are pokemon lol)

i went out and bough some small glass tiles and i'll be making more charms from them too :) i'll try to post more up for them