Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's been so long!

It's been a long time! I'm not dead D:
and I HAVE been working on some drawings. I'm now drawing/coloring Jisuk Cho's backgrounds. So here's some eye candy for you guys D: since I haven't been posting any drawings.
Also I've been working on a gift art for a friend and i'm coloring it now but I'm not done yet >_> I also haven't looked at it in a while. but here's some screenshots! enjoy!
Also good news everyone! So I've been working freelance at this children's toy and book studio called scribble town. I was doing books/package design and assembly. But now i'm being hired as part time. So it's great 8) I'm not completely in the whole now. I'm getting back up on my feet now and it feels great! Hope this will continue to a full time or maybe even to another job. How's everyone else doing? Hope everyone is at least drawing!

BG for Jisuk
and gift for my friend

mmm still WIP. i'll post more in the future. :S

Saturday, August 22, 2009


dont hate me! i HAVE been drawing, just nothing completed or worth putting up online since my drawings have been REALLY rusty. but i've been brainstorming a lot about my next film. i've narrowed it down to two but can't decide which would be the best one :T
anyways...i've been working on my website and kinda messing around with it. (it doesn't help that my internets been lagging and running a bit slow..)
but here it is :D

ch-ch-ch-check it out

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


so i'm still technically "jobless". its tough but i'm man-ing it out now but i've sorta been working for matt archambault (my life drawing teacher, advisor, and of course a great role model) on his website it's not really a full time job or anything but it's definitely easing the pain of recession. i've finally sat down and really watched his videos and man, are they inspiring. i'm going to get myself out of this rut and really pull through. these times are hard and i'm not going to settle for anything less. i'm going to really find a job in my career or at least in the arts. so this means i'm going to really work on my portfolio website, work on my resume, and actually really try to send them out. before i was just sorta contacting people, but i'm really going to try and do my very best.

other than that i've been thinking a lot about my last year in SVA. i know that my film isn't as bad as i keep thinking it is but it really changed me and i felt that it wasn't really done for myself but for other reasons. i feel that i wasn't myself when i was working on. now i'm in a positive light and more motivated to do something that i'm happy about. no rushing, or competitions, or negative energy. i'm going to start a new film. i've had a few ideas in my moleskin that i've worked on while doing thesis so i'm going to get my hands dirty and really rip them apart and find that gem. there are a lot of things i'm going to change while working on this film. no more secrets? i think my biggest fall on "Pathway" was that i was too afraid to share my ideas with others. there were strong competitions and i was afraid of leaking my idea out to my classmates. (how foolish of me) i'm going to put it all out there and i will be more than happy to and even grateful for any feedback and critiques.

i'm going to be helping out jisuk cho on her thesis film this year (check out her thesis blog >>><<<) and helping her around with it has really got me on an itch to work on a new film. i cant wait to get my hands on her film and really work on it, it definitely hits my happy buttons and i'm honored to on her film.

so in a week or so i'll post up so thumbnails of what some ideas i've been brewing in my head.

you'll be hearing from me again in a week or two :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

alive and well

yes i am still alive and doing art. things have been very hectic since graduation, so i haven't been very active on the internet.
but i finally found an apartment after so many stressful weeks, and i've been slowly moving in so until i settle down i wont be posting anything. but i hope everyone's been enjoying their summer, and hope the job hunt has been going successfully because i'm still unemployed and [sarcasm] having a blast! :O [/sarcasm]

Thursday, May 14, 2009


we are done! forever and ever! well not really. the dusty's was awesome. everyone did such a great job and it was great seeing everyone's film on the big screen. congratulations everyone!

finally uploaded my film onto youtube. (took me long enough) i'm definitely going to go back and fix/add some missing parts and cleaning up all the little things and probably entering them into festivals. we'll see.
so here's my film!

Friday, April 24, 2009

a decent update

i haven't posted any artwork on here. just a few blurbs. well here's a screenshot from my film. :T i have to go in and add shadows/highlights. i think i've figured out an easy way to do it. i'm not sure yet.
i'm going to be making post cards for the dustys hopefully. so i'll upload postcards on here too when it gets done :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

oh god oh god oh god

exporting on thursday at 2...i've comped up some i'm not TOO freaked out...but AH! 5 days LEFT!

ugh, so i'm doing bitch work now, and going back and cleaning up some work that people gave back to me. such a waste of my time. i need to send out emails D:

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! we're almost done, and the light is right at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh dear god

20 days left before we have to hand in our thesis!

the countdown begins

Thursday, March 12, 2009


how are things going with your film?

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i FINALLY met my muscian today. i've had a hard time setting up a time since we've had conflicting schedules for a while. but i finally met up with him to discuss the music for my film. i'm really excited. :) we've been figuring out different ways we can tackle this, and he'll be sending me a sample in a week or so. he's quite understanding and reasonable with me. i can't wait. this process is such a thrill. i just have to figure out how i can dish out a few hundred dollars for him...:T that can be an issue...

Friday, January 30, 2009


i still can't think of a film title... well i have a few ideas being tossed around, but they just don't seem like they fit the film. i've always had a hard time naming/giving titles to my stuff. i hate titling artwork. it feels like your assigning them into a category or an idea. i mean i love seeing great titles on things...but i'm just really bad at it myself.

[edit] path [/edit]
still in the process of thinking :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the new year

happy new year :) hope everyone has new resolutions (that they should follow).
I haven't updated this blog in a long time, but here i am. i decided to not follow my once a week update and that's only bc i use this blog more as what i'm doing with my thesis and professional work. but since i haven't had any time to do any "professional" work, and i'm just animating on my thesis, i dont really have much to show. (and plus i dont really want to upload animation unless its my finished film)

so here are my resolutions for 2009
these are both short term and long term goals

10. eat healthy
9. begin coloring animation before feb. 20
8. lose 13 lbs
7. get an apt.
6. get a job
5. build my portfolio
4. build up my professional reputation
3. begin ideas/create a passive recurring income (thanks matt >__>)
2. fix website
1. be better about saving money

i'll be adding and crossing out to this list :) hopefully i'll be able to fulfill my resolution