Saturday, January 10, 2009

the new year

happy new year :) hope everyone has new resolutions (that they should follow).
I haven't updated this blog in a long time, but here i am. i decided to not follow my once a week update and that's only bc i use this blog more as what i'm doing with my thesis and professional work. but since i haven't had any time to do any "professional" work, and i'm just animating on my thesis, i dont really have much to show. (and plus i dont really want to upload animation unless its my finished film)

so here are my resolutions for 2009
these are both short term and long term goals

10. eat healthy
9. begin coloring animation before feb. 20
8. lose 13 lbs
7. get an apt.
6. get a job
5. build my portfolio
4. build up my professional reputation
3. begin ideas/create a passive recurring income (thanks matt >__>)
2. fix website
1. be better about saving money

i'll be adding and crossing out to this list :) hopefully i'll be able to fulfill my resolution

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